Tuesday, September 23, 2008

User Friendly Website : How to Make It?

Creating a website is easy, but to create a user friendly website is not easy stuff. There are many things consider when you want to create good and user friendly site.

Everybody knows something about marketing strategies that you have fulfill your product so that costumer’s requirement. If certain reasons, they obtain an impression which your website is easily understand and that you didn’t tested hard to visit their also easy like possible. In competitor market there are many sites, so how to think about that many people will stay your site for so long if it is not containing good stuff.

How to make user friendly website? Some clarification in details:

Site Loading Time:

This is basic and main point of website. Every one knows about them but someone ignore them. When visitors come to your website it must be loaded fast. Many websites is taking a several minute for loading. That’s reason person wait for site loading. Website page size around 30k so this point keeps in your mind. And also your company’s logo and name load quickly. So, people first see your logo, company name and website name. In this competition market you choose easily remember company name for users. Otherwise person forgotten this and you lose your costumers.

Browser Compatibility:

Browser compatibility is an issue with few websites. There are many browsers available like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari and Opera. Most of users use internet explorer or mozilla but we cannot lose our other customer who uses other browser. So, create a website and tested in all browser and solve any issue in any of browsers.

Color Selection:

Color selection is a part of site designing. Select a perfect color choice for website in this professionalism. If you crate a websites which sales child type product than consider choosing particular colors for the particular niche and when you create professional website you don’t have to be a colorful. You utilize some knowledge about websites colors selection.


Navigation is a basic part of site creation. Website navigation should be done as each and every page of a website should be easily accessible from any where in the website. Otherwise user may leave your site without checking the particular content for what he is in search for. So, your site navigation makes it easy for users or buyers. (For example: Home: Web Services: Web Design Services). User can access direct any pages of your sites.

Spell Check:
Spelling checking is not big issue but never ignore to it. When your site completed you must check your site’s content and check spelling mistake. So, carefully create content for your website which does not contain any spell mistakes.

Search Engine Friendly site:

A user friendly site is normally search engine friendly site. In navigation menu you must use text-based navigation. You can use Title and Meta Tag for every pages of your website. Do not copy content from any websites and write unique content for your website. Search engine optimization is also helpful to make search engine friendly websites.

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