Monday, September 22, 2008

Tips for SEO Friendly Website Designing

Having a website is not just the solution for your business to promote online. You must ask yourself “I have a website but What Now?” You may have a very well designed professional website though does not worth with your business. Now you can not afford to with user friendly website you should have your website designed and developed that is search engine friendly. You should go with the company the just not design and developed your website but consider your business from your website and design your website SEO friendly.

More than 70 % visitors visiting a professional website through search engines especially from Google, if you does not have traffic from search engines I must say your website won’t worth your business. Your website design and development process should consider major rules and guidelines of search engines, so that your website can be easily indexed and ranked on top of search engines resulted page (SERP).

Keep in mind for making your website Search Engine Friendly:

Content: “Content is the King” and no doubt about that for ranking very well in search engines. You should have content in your website as per it covers your all targeted search terms. Your website should be build as per LSI (Latent Symantec Indexing) technique for ranking better on Google.

Graphics: Try to use limited amount of images and graphics on your website. Remember search engine could not read a single word from images so lack of images would be better. Still images required to make a website pretty attractive. Use ALT tag and place your targeted search term in ALT text, so you shall have a keyword benefit from the image. Don’t use high quality and size images.

Flash: Flash gives your website such a great look, but till now search engines spiders was not able to indexed flash and can’t read any content from flash objects. Since June.2008 Google can read the content which written in flash. Don’t go for totally flash operated site because you won’t be having different pages for the services you are offering it would be run inside the script. So you can just place title and other Meta tags for only homepage. So don’t choose flash site if you want to grow up your business with online marketing. You may have a small flash object in your website.

Sitemap: A website should have sitemap that contains each and every page link in it, through that search engines can easily see the pages which you are having on your website and indexed very easily.

Links: Navigational links should be text links and not contain any images. Navigation links should contain proper anchor text. As search engine can not read text from images.

H Tags: Your website should be designed such as it contains H tags on your webpage. It gives search engines an introduction about the topic for which the content is all about. Consider to add H1 and H2 tags in your website content, it helps for getting better rankings in search engines too.

Title: You should have unique titles for each and every page of your website which gives search engines an idea about your pages. Your webpage title tag should contain 65 characters to 70 characters.

Meta Description: A well mannered and well spelled description helps your website to get better rank in search engines. Consider to have it limits 150 characters to 200 characters.

Meta Keywords: IMHO, It does not worth with Search Engines neither visitors, I would recommended you to not have this tag on your page.

Robots.txt: Through which you can disallow search engines to index particular pages of your website.

Hidden Text: Your website should not contain hidden text or hidden links. Having a hidden text or hidden links on your website would be making your site in problem because search engine treats as unethical SEO and may banned your website.

URL: Your each and every webpage should contain a valid name which describing for which topic the page is about. It will be helpful for getting ranks as well as user friendly too. If you are having a dynamic website consider rewriting your entire website URL’s so its looks like a static URL.

Duplicate Page: You should not have more than 1 page containing the same content in it. Pages with same content may give your website a penalty from search engines.

URL Redirection: Some times if your URL is not being redirected to the main domain than it might create canonical issue and may harm your website.

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