Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What to choose Custom Website Design or Template Website Design?

Difference between a Custom Website Designs vs. Template Website Designs

A customized website is developed and designed by scratch and is formatted with original material. A template website is an already designed packaged for a website. Website template is design from backgrounds, banners, main navigation links, and masthead areas.

Why to choose Customized Website Design Services over Template Website?

The custom website designing will give you unique design over the web which reflects your brand websites and separated from other billions of websites in the industry. Custom website is designed for company’s business image. Important features of a custom website are header, navigational menu, font and other professional images, are designed to match up to a company business image. Custom websites are generally designed by expert web design company those are having expert professionals to accomplish your custom web designing services. Custom websites are generally SEO friendly which is really required as much as your business requires a website for products marketing. If you have a website without SEO, it will be worthless for your business. So you should have websites that follow search engines guidelines for getting better rank in major search engines.

Generally template websites are very cheap and fast to create a website live on the web, there are certain websites which are selling templates online, but don’t prefer them, as they are having worst support, and the template will be failed to accommodate more pages in it to solve out you need to go for redesigning of a website and finally the designing cost will be the same as you go for custom website designing.

Professional website design should be pretty interesting to watch, simple and should be unique. Choosing a customized web design will help you a lot for your business to be brand with the website you are marketing your business products and services.

For professional customized and creative Web Design Services you should choose a reliable company which focuses your business in the market.

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User Friendly Website : How to Make It?

Creating a website is easy, but to create a user friendly website is not easy stuff. There are many things consider when you want to create good and user friendly site.

Everybody knows something about marketing strategies that you have fulfill your product so that costumer’s requirement. If certain reasons, they obtain an impression which your website is easily understand and that you didn’t tested hard to visit their also easy like possible. In competitor market there are many sites, so how to think about that many people will stay your site for so long if it is not containing good stuff.

How to make user friendly website? Some clarification in details:

Site Loading Time:

This is basic and main point of website. Every one knows about them but someone ignore them. When visitors come to your website it must be loaded fast. Many websites is taking a several minute for loading. That’s reason person wait for site loading. Website page size around 30k so this point keeps in your mind. And also your company’s logo and name load quickly. So, people first see your logo, company name and website name. In this competition market you choose easily remember company name for users. Otherwise person forgotten this and you lose your costumers.

Browser Compatibility:

Browser compatibility is an issue with few websites. There are many browsers available like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari and Opera. Most of users use internet explorer or mozilla but we cannot lose our other customer who uses other browser. So, create a website and tested in all browser and solve any issue in any of browsers.

Color Selection:

Color selection is a part of site designing. Select a perfect color choice for website in this professionalism. If you crate a websites which sales child type product than consider choosing particular colors for the particular niche and when you create professional website you don’t have to be a colorful. You utilize some knowledge about websites colors selection.


Navigation is a basic part of site creation. Website navigation should be done as each and every page of a website should be easily accessible from any where in the website. Otherwise user may leave your site without checking the particular content for what he is in search for. So, your site navigation makes it easy for users or buyers. (For example: Home: Web Services: Web Design Services). User can access direct any pages of your sites.

Spell Check:
Spelling checking is not big issue but never ignore to it. When your site completed you must check your site’s content and check spelling mistake. So, carefully create content for your website which does not contain any spell mistakes.

Search Engine Friendly site:

A user friendly site is normally search engine friendly site. In navigation menu you must use text-based navigation. You can use Title and Meta Tag for every pages of your website. Do not copy content from any websites and write unique content for your website. Search engine optimization is also helpful to make search engine friendly websites.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tips for SEO Friendly Website Designing

Having a website is not just the solution for your business to promote online. You must ask yourself “I have a website but What Now?” You may have a very well designed professional website though does not worth with your business. Now you can not afford to with user friendly website you should have your website designed and developed that is search engine friendly. You should go with the company the just not design and developed your website but consider your business from your website and design your website SEO friendly.

More than 70 % visitors visiting a professional website through search engines especially from Google, if you does not have traffic from search engines I must say your website won’t worth your business. Your website design and development process should consider major rules and guidelines of search engines, so that your website can be easily indexed and ranked on top of search engines resulted page (SERP).

Keep in mind for making your website Search Engine Friendly:

Content: “Content is the King” and no doubt about that for ranking very well in search engines. You should have content in your website as per it covers your all targeted search terms. Your website should be build as per LSI (Latent Symantec Indexing) technique for ranking better on Google.

Graphics: Try to use limited amount of images and graphics on your website. Remember search engine could not read a single word from images so lack of images would be better. Still images required to make a website pretty attractive. Use ALT tag and place your targeted search term in ALT text, so you shall have a keyword benefit from the image. Don’t use high quality and size images.

Flash: Flash gives your website such a great look, but till now search engines spiders was not able to indexed flash and can’t read any content from flash objects. Since June.2008 Google can read the content which written in flash. Don’t go for totally flash operated site because you won’t be having different pages for the services you are offering it would be run inside the script. So you can just place title and other Meta tags for only homepage. So don’t choose flash site if you want to grow up your business with online marketing. You may have a small flash object in your website.

Sitemap: A website should have sitemap that contains each and every page link in it, through that search engines can easily see the pages which you are having on your website and indexed very easily.

Links: Navigational links should be text links and not contain any images. Navigation links should contain proper anchor text. As search engine can not read text from images.

H Tags: Your website should be designed such as it contains H tags on your webpage. It gives search engines an introduction about the topic for which the content is all about. Consider to add H1 and H2 tags in your website content, it helps for getting better rankings in search engines too.

Title: You should have unique titles for each and every page of your website which gives search engines an idea about your pages. Your webpage title tag should contain 65 characters to 70 characters.

Meta Description: A well mannered and well spelled description helps your website to get better rank in search engines. Consider to have it limits 150 characters to 200 characters.

Meta Keywords: IMHO, It does not worth with Search Engines neither visitors, I would recommended you to not have this tag on your page.

Robots.txt: Through which you can disallow search engines to index particular pages of your website.

Hidden Text: Your website should not contain hidden text or hidden links. Having a hidden text or hidden links on your website would be making your site in problem because search engine treats as unethical SEO and may banned your website.

URL: Your each and every webpage should contain a valid name which describing for which topic the page is about. It will be helpful for getting ranks as well as user friendly too. If you are having a dynamic website consider rewriting your entire website URL’s so its looks like a static URL.

Duplicate Page: You should not have more than 1 page containing the same content in it. Pages with same content may give your website a penalty from search engines.

URL Redirection: Some times if your URL is not being redirected to the main domain than it might create canonical issue and may harm your website.

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CSS Vs Flash in Website Designing

CSS Vs flash in Website Designing

CSS/HTML and Flash has their own identity based upon their functionality and coding part. As search engines prospective CSS would be lot better for making a website and if you want your website better attractive to the users you need to use flash development tool for your website development.

These both development tools have certain advantages and disadvantages. You can use Flash in conjunction with CSS very easily. In fact some of the best uses of Flash are when it’s used inside a well designed, CSS/XHTML layout.

Which would be the better language for your website development needs among these both? You need to decide which language would be beneficial for your website development as well as business.

You should select Flash if you want to have a website related to multimedia, image gallery or mp3 site than it should be really helpful to your website because it would look so attractive to the users and the audience coming on your website would really like it to watch rather than having a simple and static design website.

If you are going to make a professional website which really looks a business site than I don’t think you should go with flash tool, because it takes more time to download the page so mean while visitor may leave from your website with out looking at a single content of your website. So it would be better to select a CSS/Html website designing for your business development which looks a real business website.

Hoping this article has given you some sense for choosing a better web development tool for website development.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google's 10th Birth Day

Google applied for incorporation as a business 10 years ago Thursday, according to a timeline supplied by the company. The application was accepted on Sept. 7, which is Sunday.

In that decade, the search engine company has quickly emerged as the most successful business on the Web, and many expect it to dominate the next era of computing as thoroughly as Microsoft dominated the era of personal computers.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Google by the numbers along with some comparisons to Microsoft. The sources of the data are the companies, Yahoo Finance and comScore.

Google’s age: 10
Microsoft’s age: 33

Google’s revenue in the last 4 quarters: $19.6 billion
Microsoft’s revenue in the last 4 quarters: $60.4 billion

Microsoft’s revenue at age 10: $140 million
($279 million in today’s dollars)

Google’s revenue per hour in the last 4 quarters: $2.2 million
Microsoft’s revenue per hour in the last 4 quarters: $6.9 million

Google net income in the last 4 quarters: $4.85 billion
Microsoft’s net income in the last 4 quarters: $17.6 billion

Google employees, as of June 30th: 19,604
Microsoft employees, as of May 31st: 89,809

Google’s revenue per employee: $1 million
Microsoft revenue per employee: $672,000

Market value of Google: $142 billion
Market value of Microsoft: $241 billion

Number of tech companies with a market value larger than Google’s: 3 (Microsoft, I.B.M. and Apple, in that order)

Worldwide searches on Google in July: 48.7 billion
Worldwide searches on Microsoft in July: 2.3 billion

Worldwide searches per hour on Google in July: 65 million
Worldwide searches per hour on Microsoft in July: 3.1 million

Friday, September 5, 2008

6 common website mistakes

As I'm reviewing my client’s company websites to prepare for SEO Analysis report. I'm struck by how often I see the same website mistakes.

Since we've been offering the SEO Services since 2002, we've reviewed over hundreds websites. In most of the sites we noticed same mistake repeated by the different website designer.

To put it into terms that someone can tell to--the company is basically losing money every day they don't fix their website.

Here are 6 common website mistakes that could be costing you money:

1. JavaScript or other crawler-unfriendly navigation that may obstruct indexing. Most new sites don't have this problem, but there's almost always at least 1 site we review in every class that has its main navigation pretty much invisible to the search engines. If your navigation basically doesn't exist as far as Google is concerned, then it's very difficult to get all of the pages of your website indexed.

2. Navigation that buries important pages within the site architecture. The deeper those pages are buried within the website, the less importance they are given. For SEO, as well as usability purposes, it's often helpful to showcase important sections of the website up an additional level in the site's hierarchy. This can usually be achieved via a search-friendly CSS mouse-over menu.

3. Duplicate "pages" getting indexed under multiple URLs. While Google has, for the most part, worked out many of their canonical issues of the past and now generally realize that www.example.com/index.php is the same as www.example.com, many content management systems (CMS) take things a step further and provide a whole array of URLs for any one particular page of content. Sometimes this is done purposely for tracking reasons, as with session ids or tracking links appended to the end of URLs; but other times, it's simply done because the CMS was never designed with search engines in mind. This is not a good thing, as it can cause the spiders to be so busy indexing the same content that they miss the more important stuff.

4. No keyword phrase focus in the content or conversely, keyword phrase stuffing. It never ceases to amaze me when people claim to have optimized a page, but there are no keyword phrases anywhere to be seen within the content. I suppose this might happen because they've put them in the keyword meta tag and assume they've optimized. (It's a good thing they've come to our class when this is the case!) On the other side of the coin, there are those who seem to think that 4 instances of a keyword phrase in one sentence must certainly be better than just one! The fix, of course, is to provide a balanced focus on the optimized keyword phrases so that a trained SEO would know what the page is optimized for, but the average reader wouldn't find the copy repetitive.

5. An optimized home page, but that's it. While optimizing just the home page is better than not optimizing anything, it's not going to increase the website's search engine traffic by that much. Without fixing all the issues on inner pages and optimizing a number of them for their own set of keyword phrases, the site will basically be leaving money on the table.

6. Additional domains owned by the company are not properly redirected. In the old days, it was fine to park any additional domains that the company owned as an alias of the main website; however, today it's much better practice to 301-redirect all additional domains to the main website. This enables the company to control which domain is the one that the search engines index, and avoids any splitting of link popularity between the different domains.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Flash Website: Having Website in Flash is SEO Friendly?

Having website in flash really looks very cool and attractive but search engines mostly Google does not read the content within the flash object, so it was worthless for having an identity of your business website with flash that can’t be visible to the search engines spiders and finally visitors.

But now it’s good news who likes to make their website in Flash. Google has stated to read website content within the flash since last couple of months. One just need to edit some tags in the body of the webpage and your content is ready to spider by major search engines.

Just add this below mentioned tag in body tag of your webpage:

<div id="contents">

Your content goes here


You may use H1, H2… tags and other formatting tags in between this DIV tag. You can place link in the content tags which can be crawl able by SE spiders.

Google is now indexing .swf (Swiss Flash Format) form of flash object in its database. So the days are coming for a flash website to be totally 100% SEO friendly.

However placing this tag can only index the content which is written on homepage, the content which has written in other pages by using scripting can not be crawl. It’s a great move for Flash website designers and lovers for creating and making their websites SEO friendly.

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